Welcome to efesx.com!

Welcome to this new blog, available at efesx.com!

For those of you wondering what does “efesx” stand for: the Hebrew term “efes” means “zero”, making the blog’s actual name Zero-X – which is the hexadecimal notation.

One of my main interests is the C++ language, which was the sole topic of my former blog – cplusplus.co.il. With time I figured that there are various other topics at least as interesting as C++, about which I would also like to write. Most of the content in this new blog is very likely to revolve around low level details and technologies – including C++, but this time it will not be limited to it. All the content of my former blog has also been moved here.

Another issue worth mentioning is that this new blog is hosted at dreamhost, while the previous one was freely hosted at wordpress. Having my own hosting provides many new possibilities and much more control, and hopefully a better overall experience for the readers as a result of that.

Looking forward to the future,

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